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Published on October 28, 2021

Rebuild and Restore — How to Give Your Equipment Maximum Staying Power

If you operate heavy equipment, there will come a time when you need to make the decision whether to purchase a new machine or rebuild an existing machine that has been previously owned and operated by either you or others. There are a number of factors to consider when faced with this decision and in this post, we’ll walk you through how to make the most informed choice so that you are maximizing the productivity of your equipment while also managing your budget.

Depending on the condition of your machine, Ziegler CAT estimates that a rebuild can be priced at 50% – 60% of the cost of buying new. When it comes to expensive heavy machinery, that can equate to some very significant cost savings. And not only are you able to save money, but Ziegler can back up your refurbished machine with a three-year, 5,000-hour warranty so that your rebuild investment pays dividends for a long time.

Cat® machines are built to be rebuilt which means that from day one they are manufactured to last. All equipment components will eventually wear out, but because our craftsmanship is superior on the front end, the rebuilding process is part of the machine’s overall life cycle. And fortunately, Cat equipment can enable fleet management software that tracks comprehensive machine repair history, oil sampling, and component usage hours. If your monitoring indicators begin to alert you of issues, you can proactively address the problem before the need to purchase a new machine arises.

The rebuild process is straightforward and concise. Step one is a pre-rebuild analysis of the machine that results in a scope of service estimate. The machine is then sent to the Ziegler Rebuild location where the equipment is broken down and the customer is invited in to take part in the rebuild assessment. From there we undertake critical engineering updates along with additional customer-approved repairs which may consist of items such as cab reconditioning and necessary technology upgrades. The machine is then re-assembled, calibrated, and put through a battery of tests to ensure its performance. Approximately eight to twelve weeks later, the machine is back online with you and your operators, ready for use.

So if your machines are starting to show signs of aging, don’t jump the gun and put them out to pasture just yet. Let our Ziegler team help you identify your rebuild options before going to the expense of purchasing new equipment and maximize your equipment’s staying power.

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