A CVA is a contract that covers the maintenance and repair costs for your Cat equipment, including all aspects of parts and service. With one flat rate, you won’t have to worry about maintenance intervals, cash flow impacts of unexpected repairs, or other distractions stopping you from getting the job done.

It’s the ultimate cost-management tool that provides:

  • Hassle-free maintenance and ownership
  • Security of expert dealer support
  • Peace of mind from equipment health management

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what are the benefits of a cva?

Up to 50% longer

Up to 2X longer

Up to 45%

All in one easy payment

When you look at the numbers, the choice is easy. But if you need more convincing, feel free to explore an expanded list of stats and facts that prove the value of a CVA.

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    Equipment inspection performed by the dealer at each preventative maintenance (PM) event using Cat Inspect.

    Expert dealer support and recommendations to help customers keep their equipment at peak performance. Support includes tracking customer equipment hours through their connected asset to ensure PM service and inspections are completed at recommended intervals.

    Fluid health through proven S.O.S Services program as required by Operation & Maintenance Manual (OMM) with samples taken by the dealer technician. This service provides value-added proprietary analysis that can reveal excessive wear, contaminated fluids or other unseen issues.

    Cat Advanced Fluids are provided and designed specifically for Cat machines and engines to protect vital machine components for longer life.

    Helpful ongoing communication about equipment and operation including videos, operating tips, and exclusive offers to customers.

    Parts when promised as part of our Services Commitment in a CVA means your maintenance and common repair parts will be available when you need them. If they’re not, we’ll help cover costs by giving you a Cat® Prepaid Credit for the value of the late parts, up to $1,000.

    Maximize uptime with productivity solutions. All CVA plans offer digital tools that allow you to monitor the health status of your equipment from your phone and deliver actionable insights to help you protect your investment. Plus, to help you get the most out of every feature, mode, and capability that your machine has to offer, access to a wide-range of resources is available.

    Productivity solutions include:

    • My.Cat.com Access
    • The Cat App
    • Cat Inspection App
    • Cat Owners Club
    • Condition Monitoring
    • Monthly Fleet Report


To fit the needs and budgets of operations big and small, there are four different CVA plans available for both compact construction and heavy equipment.

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