Published on April 17, 2024

Scheevel & Son’s Construction

In southeastern Minnesota, in the small town of Preston, Ron Scheevel worked as a second-generation dairy farmer. A farmer at heart, he was fueled by his dream of owning a bulldozer for the farm. In 1991, he took the bold leap and purchased a 1960’s era Cat D6B, what he calls, “the most durable machine he’s ever owned.” From that moment, Scheevel & Son’s Construction began. Working construction on a part time basis, Ron’s initial customers were family and friends. It wasn’t until 1995 that the demand for Ron’s excavation expertise had grown to a point where he could no longer manage to farm and work construction. Scheevel & Son’s transitioned into a full-time operation.

With the variety of work, 3 full-time operators, and the help of Ron’s wife Patricia running the back office, they need to make sure that their equipment is primed and ready to work. Having 10 pieces of Cat equipment ranging from compact track loaders, mini excavators, medium track excavators, and dozers they ask a lot of their equipment. Their larger excavators speed and performance has made the largest difference in their operation and capabilities. A wide variety of attachments for smaller machines help bring utilize the full versatility of their machines. With a limited crew, they depend on attachments to make sure can stay in the cab and operate, while getting the work done in an efficiently. Initially, they rented equipment based on needs and purchased when the right machine came available because they knew the value they were getting.

As self-taught operators and handling the majority of repairs that they can, parts availability is one key component to their success. Having relationships within Ziegler and the trust that has been built over the years to make sure that they get the right part at the right time. Seeing Ziegler promote personnel within the company to make sure that the best-qualified individuals are there to help is a something that Ron and Aaron have seen from the outside. “We’ve had good success working with Ziegler. They understand urgent needs versus a standard requests for parts,” said Ron. “If we have a deadline to meet and something breaks down and we need a part, we can get it the next day. That is a huge part of the business – especially going back to our customers and meeting their expectations.”

With their work primarily located in Fillmore County, Ron and his son Aaron are able to drive around and see the projects that they’ve worked on over the years. With a variety of projects from basement excavation, water/sewer, waterways, ponds, and grade work for sheds & shops, Scheevel & Son’s have made their mark on the community. Close knit relationships with the farming community and word of mouth is their best form of advertising. One of their largest and most profound projects was an ethanol plant that took the use of all of their machines over the course of four years and multiple phases. As Aaron looks to take over as the second generation to run Scheevel & Son’s, he looks to continue the path he helped pave with his father, and impact on the community.



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