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Published on July 23, 2020

Wet Harvest – How to Avoid Getting Bogged Down

For farmers, wet weather can mean getting bogged down in the mud, literally and financially. That’s why it’s important to have the right equipment in place when fields are subject to heavy rains and snow.

The most important piece of advice when it comes to wet weather conditions is to think ahead. That requires projected budgeting considerations during dryer seasons, long before the inevitable challenges of harvesting in wet fields arrive.

Specifically, farmers should consider the use of tracks, float tires, or lighter machines when working in wet fields. Each of these are good options, but tracks are the most prevenive and provide the best path forward when thinking of the planting season ahead.

With heavy, commercial-grade farm equipment, tracks can be a significant investment; however, that investment is likely to be less substantial when the need is not immediate. If you wait until the onset of wet weather to purchase tracks, the demand will be higher and therefore so will the cost. Certainly those tracks will sit unused during dry months, and it may seem that the investment is not paying off, but a dramatically reduced crop yield in wet weather – from a lack of proper equipment and lower bushel weights – will also reduce profitability. That financial loss may outweigh the proactive investment when measured over the course of the full year.

In addition, operating without tracks increases your risk of getting your equipment stuck, and when equipment gets stuck it has to be pulled out. When that happens, the risk of damaging your machines increases dramatically, potentially adding maintenance costs to an already expensive situation.

Simply put, investing in equipment ahead of time could help you net higher profits on an annual basis, not to mention the reduction in stress and headaches.

In summary, every farm field is distinct and presents its own opportunities and challenges. We encourage farm operators to consult with professionals to customize their equipment plan based on their specific needs.

As always, Ziegler Ag Equipment is here to help you put that plan together.

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