Published on April 26, 2021

Utilizing Construction Technology to Increase Productivity and Safety

We live in a world where new technologies are outpacing adoption rates. Many times when you bring home a new piece of technology, whether it is a computer, television, or phone, it is already obsolete. The consumer’s desire for the newer and better means that companies need to focus on new products ahead of launching the latest model. The world is changing fast and, yet, as the common person drives past a construction site, they still see big yellow machines moving dirt – the same as it has always been. How could anyone change the way you move dirt?

To our customers, and to us, new technologies in construction equipment are exciting. While it may not be as visible to the common eye, technology in construction is improving efficiency, saving time, saving money, and increasing safety.

New machines are equipped with multiple power modes, which automatically match engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions. Matching the necessary power needed to ramp up or down to save on fuel. Standard equipment, like grading systems, allows operators to set digging depths with the touch of a button, giving them laser-like accuracy – and increasing production.

Technological improvements go beyond operation. Machines are built to withstand more than ever before with extended service intervals. Reducing downtime and focusing on work go a long way to completing projects on time and on budget. The simplicity of daily maintenance checks has been improved to include ground-level access, limiting the need to climb up and down a machine. Additional technologies allow you to monitor filter life with the convenience of an in-cab screen.

In complicated and dangerous jobsites, technological improvements in safety are some of the most important. Operator-defined swing points keep machines from moving to unwanted areas, which is extremely important within congested areas while trenching and loading. Boom and arm limitations allow operators to set height limits to safely work underneath hazards like bridges and power lines. Increased cab visibility and additional usage of cameras give operators the ability to see as they have never been able to – keeping the jobsite safe and productive.

Construction technology companies like SITECH are available to add extra features across fleets to improve accuracy and productivity. Some of these capabilities include grade-control, site-positioning, fleet-management, and payload-weighing systems. All of these work to reduce waste and downtime and improve productivity and time management.

New technologies in construction equipment are not always visible to the outside eye. Continued efforts to deliver machines with increased technology improve the customer’s efficiency, production, and, most importantly, safety, to make the most out of the time spent working.


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