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Published on March 29, 2021


YES! But where do you start?

There are a lot of options when it comes to applying technology to your construction business. They range from basic estimating software to empowering your operators with GPS machine control. But if you are relatively new to the wide-world of construction technology, what is the best path forward and how do you acquire the right technologies that serve both productivity and the bottom line? Breaking things down is the first step, so let’s take a look at what is available in the office and in the field and why adding technology will benefit your business.

One of the areas where you might consider an investment in technology is ability to utilize digital plans and site designs. Having the ability to effectively utilize engineering design data can save time and money and will also increase the accuracy and efficiency of your projects. Trimble and Cat® GPS machine control and Trimble construction surveying rovers are built to handle 3D engineering design data that gives you control and real-time awareness on your projects by putting the data in the hands of your field crews and operators.

Design data is critical to construction technology operations and that is why another tool to consider is Trimble® Business Center (TBC), which offers a comprehensive suite of estimating and model building tools. These tools can assist with quantity takeoff, estimation, and 3D modeling—the same 3D models that can be utilized with GPS machine control and construction surveying equipment. TBC can also help you create cut and fill maps, material quantity reports, and as-built deliverables. Trimble’s over-the-air data transfer platform, Worksmanager, makes sharing and utilizing this information with the field simple and quick.

If data, control, and real-time awareness are not enough to convince you, consider the increasing cost of materials and equipment. By implementing GPS machine control such as Trimble Earthworks or Cat Grade, your operator’s precision increases productivity by as much as 30%, if not more. Ensuring that the job is done right the first time by eliminating rework, reducing machine operating cost, and eliminating costly material overruns. These are areas where improvement directly impacts the bottom line, not to mention your ability to meet deadlines and keep clients on schedule.

An added bonus to investing in software, GPS machine control, or construction surveying equipment is the positive message it sends to your employees and operators. You are communicating that it is important to you that they have the very best tools to perform their jobs, setting them up for success, advancement, and perhaps most important, a long-term commitment to your organization. In today’s increasingly competitive labor market, retention incentives are imperative and technology can play a key role in attracting the best talent and keeping them in place.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right technology package for your organization and there are plenty of people out there willing to sell you the latest and greatest. But keep in mind, that the value of whatever technology you invest in is only as good and sustainable as your ability to ensure everyday and continued use. If you decide to make the leap into machine control and construction survey technology, make certain that you have chosen a dealer partner who can help you integrate it with your company and will be a long-term partner when you need assistance, training, and support.

As always, Ziegler CAT and SITECH Northland prioritizes assisting our customers with all aspects of their heavy construction project needs. If we can help educate you on the best technology options for you, please contact us at 952-884-1444.


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