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Ziegler CAT

Challenger 1000 Series

Year-round Usage from Heavy Tillage And Planting To Row-crop Applications

Having one tractor for spring applications and another for the rest of the year can be expensive. Not with the Challenger 1000 Series. This versatile machine has the power and the maneuverability to handle both grueling tillage work and intricate row crop applications.



  • Challenger 1000 Series

Not Just Raw Power. Smart Power.

Perhaps the most intelligent feature of the Challenger 1000 Series is a powertrain unlike any you’ve seen before. The AccuDrive™ powertrain maximizes engine power at slow speeds, so you can pull the heaviest implements through the toughest conditions with maximum torque and minimum fuel usage. The concentric air system pulls in cool dense air from the front fan, accelerates it over the concentrically formed hood, and presses it through the radiator.

That’s economical. You can have on tractor do two things throughout the year, instead of having a high-horsepower tractor not working in the spring, and a light-duty tractor just sitting in the shed in the fall. Very beneficial.Tim K., Ankeny, Iowa


  • Series Overview
    Engine Six-cylinder, 12.4-liter displacement, MAN engine
    Transmission type Stepless Accu-VT
  • 1038
    Engine hp (kW) 396
    PTO hp (kW) 350
    Max. torque (1,450 RPM) (ft./lbs.) 1,401
  • 1042
    Engine hp (kW) 435 (320)
    PTO hp (kW) 386 (288)
    Max. torque (1,450 RPM) (ft./lbs.) 1,549
  • 1046
    Engine hp (kW) 476 (350)
    PTO hp (kW) 421 (314)
    Max. torque (1,450 RPM) (ft./lbs.) 1,696
  • 1050
    Engine hp (kW) 517 (380)
    PTO hp (kW) 453 (338)
    Max. torque (1,450 RPM) (ft./lbs.) 1,770