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Ziegler CAT


This XQP500 generator set is EU Stage IIIA emission standard capable or fuel consumption optimized for customers in non-regulated territories. A unique feature is the introduction of clutch fan drive technology, where the fan no longer needs to runs continuously at full speed and power. This saves additional fuel, while also lowering noise output; an ideal feature when operating at lower loads, in cooler temperatures, or most importantly, in evenings when noise levels are most noticeable.

Brand: Caterpillar



  • Cat Rental Power XQP Product Robust Design Features
  • Cat Rental Power XQP Product Electrical Features

360° View


360° Exterior view. Double click on the image to zoom in on any area of the product.


  • Generator Set
    Rating Prime 500 kVA
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Voltage 127 - 480 V
  • Engine
    Engine C15 ACERT Diesel Engine
    Fuel Diesel
  • Dimensions
    Width 77 in
    Height 90 in
    Length 200.9 in
    Weight - With Lube Oil and Coolant 13176 lb
  • Fuel Consumption EU Stage IIIA
    100% Load 50Hz 29.1 gal/hr
    100% Load 60Hz 32 gal/hr
    75% Load 50Hz 23 gal/hr
    75% Load 60Hz 26.3 gal/hr
    50% Load 50Hz 16.4 gal/hr
    50% Load 60Hz 18.3 gal/hr
  • Fuel consumption Best Fuel Efficiency
    100% Load 50Hz 29 gal/hr
    100% Load 60Hz 28.3 gal/hr
    75% Load 50Hz 20.1 gal/hr
    75% Load 60Hz 22 gal/hr
    50% Load 50Hz 14.3 gal/hr
    50% Load 60Hz 15.7 gal/hr
  • Noise rating (with enclosure) EU Stage IIIA
    Sound Power @ 1 meters (3 feet) @ 75% of rating (50Hz) 77.5 dB(A)
    Sound Power @ 1 meters (3 feet) @ 75% of rating (60Hz) 79.8 dB(A)
  • Noise rating (with enclosure) Best Fuel Efficiency
    Sound Power @ 1 meters (3 feet) @ 75% of rating (50Hz) 80.1 dB(A)
    Sound Power @ 1 meters (3 feet) @ 75% of rating (60Hz) 80 dB(A)