3 Easy Steps To Protect Your New CAT® Equipment

You count on your Cat® machines to get the job done, day in and day out. Choose a protection plan that’s just as dependable and long-lasting. EPP offers the only coverage designed specifically for new Cat equipment – giving you the highest level of repair cost protection available. Comprehensive EPP options protect your investment and your peace of mind.

  1. Select Your Protection Option

    Select Your Protection Option

    Choose from our Powertrain, Powertrain + Hydraulics, Powertrain + Hydraulics + Technology and Premier plans to get the exact age and hours for the protection you need.


    (includes all Powertrain, Powertrain + Hydraulics, and Powertrain + Hydraulics + Technology components listed below)

    Engine Related
    • Governor / Speed Limiter
    • Fuel Injection Lines
    Steering & Suspension
    • Power Steering Logic Module
    • Steering Linkage
    • Suspension Control & Control Valve
    • Suspension Cylinder
    • Cat Grade Control
    • Product LinkTM
    • Traction Control System
    • Protection Devices & Alarms
    • Speed Sensors
    • Cylinder Head Assembly
    • Control Valves
    • Accumulator
    • Parking Brake
    • Steering Column
    • Gauges / Indicators / Instruments
    • Circuit Board
    • Wiring Harness / Switches
    • Relays / Circuit Breakers
    • Fuse / Circuit Breaker Panel

    Powertrain + Hydraulics + Technology

    (includes all Powertrain and Powertrain + Hydraulics components listed below)

    Cat Connect Technology Components – Compact, Grade, Payload, Link

    Components covered under standard warranty that are factory or dealer installed prior to delivery

    • Integrated Machine Displays
    • Monitors
    • Sensors
    • Cables / Harness Wiring
    • Engine Control Module (ECM)
    • GNSS Antennas
    • GNSS Receivers
    • Inertial Measurement Unit
    • Laser Catcher / Receiver
    • Satellite Receiver
    • Position Sensing Cylinders
    • Integrated Joystick Buttons / Controls
    • Status Lights
    • Load Lights
    • VIMS (Vital Information Management System)
    • Asset Control System
    • Product Link System Cellular and Satellite Global Positioning System

    Powertrain + Hydraulics

    (includes all Powertrain components listed below)

    Steering & Implement Controls
    • Hydraulic Pumps
    • Hydraulic Motors
    • Hydraulic Cylinders
    • Hydraulic Valves
    • Hydraulic Accumulators
    • Hydraulic Lines
    • Hydraulic Hoses
    • Electronic Controls &en; Implement & Steering
    • Joystick
    • Pilot Control Valve
    • Hydraulic Tank
    • Hydraulic Oil Filter Base
    • Hydraulic Swivel
    • Hydraulic Oil Temp Sensor
    • Hydraulic Oil Cooler
    • Transmission Oil Lines
    • Drive Train Oil Lines
    • Steering Gear & Valve


    • Fan & Fan Drive
    • Hydraulic Fan Motor
    • Jacket Water Pump, Drive Group
    • Thermostat / Regulator
    • Timing / Accessory Gears
    • Timing Chain / Belt
    • Engine Oil Cooler
    • Engine Oil Pump
    • Engine Oil Pan Group
    • Engine Oil Filter Housing / Base
    • Cylinder Block
    • Cylinder Head Casting
    • Crankshaft Main & Rod Bearings
    • Piston & Connecting Rod
    • Pistons & Piston Rings
    • Camshaft & Camshaft Bearing
    • Inlet / Exhaust Valve
    • Push Rod & Balancer
    • Rocker Arm & Rocker Shaft
    • Assembly
    • Valve Cover & Base
    • Valve Spring
    • Valve Guide
    • Flywheel
    • Air Line / Pipe
    • Aftercooler Group
    • Turbocharger
    • Manifolds, Inlet & Exhaust
    • Fuel Pump
    • Governor
    • Fuel Injection Pump
    • Fuel Transfer Pump
    • Solenoids / Sensors
    • Electronic Control Module (ECM)
    Transmission, Torque converter & Transfer Case
    • Transmission Case
    • Transmission Gears
    • Transmission Shaft
    • Transmission Hydraulic Control
    • Transmission Electronic Control
    • Transmissions Oil Pump
    • Transmissions Oil Filter Base
    • Torque Converter
    • Transfer Gear Group
    Drive Train
    • Differential Case
    • Differential Steering Components
    • Axle Housing Assembly
    • Axle Shaft
    • Drive Axle
    • Final Drive Case / Bore
    • Final Drive Gears
    • Universal Joint
  2. Know Your Responsibility

    Know Your Responsibility

    To qualify for coverage under an EPP, you need to:

    • Operate your equipment according to the Cat Operation & Maintenance Manual (OMM) (e.g., no improper fuel use)
    • Ensure recommended preventive maintenance is performed at intervals specified in the OMM
    • Provide proof of preventive maintenance compliance (receipts, copies of work orders, invoices) on request
    • Promptly provide your equipment for repair in the event of a covered failure

    You can count on us to perform necessary inspections to confirm eligibility, install parts approved by Caterpillar on covered repairs and validate your enrollment in the program.

  3. Purchase and Register Your EPP

    Purchase and Register Your EPP

    Work with your local Cat dealer to complete the process – and get the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

    Contact Your Dealer


If a component isn’t listed, it may not be included in your plan. Other exclusions include:

  • Failures caused by normal wear-out or improper or abusive use of the machine
  • Lubricating oil, antifreeze, filters, consumables and other maintenance items replaced during the covered component repair, unless such items are rendered unusable by a covered component failure
  • Freight charges for parts shipments
  • Travel time and mileage involved in getting to a jobsite
  • Hauling, retrieval, equipment rental or overtime labor costs
  • Repair costs resulting from the failure of any non-covered components
  • Downtime loss
  • Any incidental or consequential damages or costs incurred as a result of a covered component failure
  • Modifications unless approved by Caterpillar

These are examples of covered and excluded components or items. The actual dealer contract will govern. See your Cat dealer for a complete list of covered components and more information.