Published on June 25, 2021


Purchasing heavy machinery and equipment is a financial commitment that you want to protect. And while today’s Cat® machines are some of the most sophisticated in the world, they are not totally immune to operational wear and tear. The Cat Customer Value Agreement (CVA) is a customizable ownership plan that is designed to ensure that you are able to maximize your machines’ performance through proactive maintenance and monitoring, which will ultimately extend the life of your equipment, minimize downtime, and ultimately reduce costs.

Watch this short 2-minute video to see the difference CVAs have made for these customers:

Whether you are operating older machines, or purchasing a new one, CVA plans are an insurance policy against the unexpected. And regardless of your industry, these plans can be scaled to address your specific requirements. Here are some of the overarching benefits.

Simplified Machine Ownership:

  • Immediate access to the latest technological tools and informed professional guidance.
  • Streamlined dealer support and parts acquisition.
  • Flexible payment and financing terms that are an addendum to your machine’s payment program.
  • Single payment options that simplifies all of your machine needs into one comprehensive package.

 Hassle-Free Maintenance:

  • Proactive trouble shooting, diagnostic and repair programs.
  • Secure the right parts in real time to minimize stalled productivity.
  • Flexible service options and scheduling.
  • Onsite parts delivery and access to trained professionals.
  • Genuine Cat parts that can extend the life of your machine’s components by 50%.

Equipment Condition Monitoring & Expert Support:

  • Access to monitoring tools that identify problems before they even occur.
  • Digital applications that provide details and insights specific to your machine such as machine hours, location, fuel burn, fault code/diagnostics, and scheduled maintenance alerts.
  • Fluid analysis for fuel, oil, and coolants performed during each service interval and monitored to identify trends in fluid contaminant levels.
  • Regular equipment inspections delivered and stored digitally for historical reference.
  • Expert guidance and troubleshooting from Ziegler CAT equipment management team.

Unlike generic warranty programs, the CVA is designed specifically to keep your equipment on the job and operating at full capacity, rather than in the shop, sitting idle, and dependent on the schedule of a third party mechanic. And because they can be tiered specifically to your needs, you know exactly what to expect in terms of cost and the scope of service so you can schedule and budget accordingly.

If we can help you better protect your machines, give your assigned Customer Service Representative call to discuss our options.


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