Cat® Self-Service Options


When it comes to heavy machinery, time is money. One machine down can bring the job site to a standstill. There’s no need to wait on common repairs. Sometimes you will want to do your own repairs and maintenance—that’s why Cat® Self-Service Options offer integrated custom solutions. We offer the convenience of online ordering, local pickup, or delivery to site, along with digital access to detailed service instructions.

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Cat equipment operator working on equipment

  • Genuine Cat Parts

  • Service Instructions

  • Recommended Tooling

  • Technical Support

What’s Included?

Everything you need. You’ll receive genuine Cat® Parts backed by our standard warranty, service instructions including safety and cleanliness guidelines, recommended tooling with option to purchase, and technical support from Ziegler’s expert technicians and support personnel.

A Repair Solution THat Goes Where You DO

When your business keeps you on-the-go, it helps to have flexible repair solutions. Self‑Service Options make it easy to repair from start to finish, with everything you need in one convenient package.