CUSTOMER Value agreement (CVA)

Services Commitment

Parts when promised — or we pay.

As part of our Services Commitment in a CVA, your maintenance and common repair parts will be available when you need them. If they’re not, we’ll help cover costs by giving you a Cat® Prepaid Credit for the value of the late parts, up to $1,000. Below, find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the CVA Services Commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does It Work?

    When you place your order for parts we’ll ask you for a need-by date. If you don’t indicate a need-by date, it will default to the day the order is placed. If the parts you need are regular maintenance parts and are not available within 24 business hours of your need-by date, you’ll receive a Cat Prepaid Credit for the value of those parts, up to $1,000. If the parts you need are repair parts and they are not available within 48 business hours of your need-by date, you’ll receive a Cat Prepaid Credit for the value of those parts, up to $1,000.

  • What Machines Are Eligible?

    Your machine is eligible for the Services Commitment if it falls into one of the categories below and was manufactured less than 10 years before the start date of your current CVA contract. Additionally, your current CVA contract start date must be on or after July 1, 2021.

    Included Machine Categories

    • Articulated Trucks
    • Backhoe Loaders
    • Compact Loaders
    • Dozers (Small and Medium)
    • Hydraulic Excavators
    • Landfill Compactors
    • Mini Excavators
    • Motor Graders (up to 140)
    • Multi-Terrain Loaders
    • Off-Highway Trucks (up to 775)
    • Paving Equipment and Compactors
    • Pipelayers
    • Skid Steers
    • Soil Compactors
    • Telehandlers
    • Track Type Loaders
    • Wheel Dozers (up to 834)
    • Wheel Loaders (up to 990)
    • Wheel Track Scrapers
    • Wheeled Excavators
  • What Parts Are Included?

    Parts eligible for the Services Commitment fall into two broad categories: Maintenance Parts and Repair Parts.

    Maintenance Parts refer to Cat parts typically used for preventive maintenance. This category includes all types of filters and vee belts but excludes fluids.

    Repair Parts refer to Cat parts used for wear replacement and repairs critical to keep the machine running. Excludes parts most often used in planned replacement/overhaul and non-mechanical items.

    Within these categories some exclusions apply. Excluded parts may include, but are not limited to, bulk orders, made-to-order items, discontinued part numbers, and any parts not included in the Detailed Parts List section below. These are not eligible for reimbursement through the CVA Services Commitment program.

    For more information on included and excluded parts, please see the Detailed Parts List section below.

  • When Will Credit Be Issued?

    If your eligible parts order for your CVA machine is not fulfilled within the committed timeframe you will be issued a credit through Cat Financial for the value of the late parts, up to $1,000. This credit should be delivered to you within six to eight weeks and will be delivered as a digital prepaid credit to your email address.

  • How Can I Use My Credit?

    Once credit has been delivered, it must be used by the expiration date listed in the credit award email. Your Cat Prepaid Credit can be used to purchase parts, services, sales, rental, and work tools from Ziegler CAT or another Cat dealer.

    New machines may not be purchased with a Cat Prepaid Credit. Credit may not be used toward satisfying balances held by Caterpillar Financial, and may not be used to make purchases on or Redemption will require the certificate holder to be present for identity verification. Credit cannot be redeemed for cash or cash equivalent. Complete terms and conditions for Cat Prepaid Credits can be found at

  • Detailed Parts List For Services Commitment

    Included Maintenance Parts Categories (available within 24 hours of need-by date)

    • External Engine
      • Vee Belts
    • Filters
      • Air Filters
      • Filter Bases and Parts
      • Liquid Filters

    Included Repair Parts Categories (available within 48 hours of need-by date)

    • Drive Train (DT) Components
      • Brakes-Friction Material-Plates
      • DT Bearings
      • Non-Overhaul DT Parts
    • Electronics
      • Competitive Electronics
      • Starters and Alternators
      • Advanced Electronics
      • Integrated Electronics
    • Engine Overhaul
      • Engine Gaskets and Bearings
      • Reman Cylinder Heads
      • Overhaul Components
    • External Engine
      • Aftertreatment DPFs
      • Non-Overhaul Components
      • Radiator Groups and Parts
      • Small Engine Parts
      • Spark Plugs
    • Fuel Systems
      • Nozzles and Injectors
      • Fuel and Water Pumps
    • Hose and Coupling
      • Hose and Couplings
    • Hydraulic Cylinders and Rods
      • Hydraulic Cylinders and Rods
    • Hydraulic Valves
      • Hydraulic Valves
    • Pumps and Motors
      • Pumps and Motors
    • Turbos
      • Turbos
    • Seals, Tubes, and Hardware
      • Hardware-Pins-Seals-Bearings
    • Undercarriage (UC)
      • Major Moving UC – HEX
      • Major Moving UC – S/MTT
      • Non-Major Moving UC
      • Rubber UC and Tires
    • Ground Engaging Tools (GET)
      • Bucket Cutting Edges and Protection
      • Motor Grader Cutting Edges
      • Other GET
      • Paving Wear Parts
      • Retention
      • Ripper/Scarifier
      • Tips and Teeth

    Non-Covered Parts Categories (no guarantee of availability, ineligible for Services Commitment)

    • Drive Train (DT) Components
      • DT Housings and Cases
      • DT Major Components
      • Non-Traditional
      • Reman Major Components DT
    • Electronics
      • Wire Harnesses
    • Engine Overhaul
      • Cylinder Heads and Pieces
      • Cylinder Packs and Pieces
    • Replacement Engine
      • Replacement Engine and Long/Short Blocks
    • Structural
      • Dealer Service Tools
      • Hand Tools
      • Major Structural
      • Minor Structural
      • Operator Environment
      • Other Structural
      • Safety
    • Undercarriage
      • Full Track Groups and Link Assemblies
    • Seals, Tubes, and Hardware
      • Hydraulic and Steel Tubes
    • Ground Engaging Tools (GET)
      • Work Tool Parts
      • Adapters and Base Edges
  • Who Can I Contact For More Information?

    Please use this form to request more information regarding your CVA Services Commitment Credit.

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