Hydraulic and Machining

A well-maintained hydraulics system is critical to receiving peak performance from your equipment. Efficiency losses over time can be difficult to perceive until considerable productivity is lost. Ziegler offers the most advanced hydraulic and machining repair, design, and fabrication services in the industry – ensuring your machine is performing to its fullest capability. We also offer an extensive hydraulic cylinder exchange program with an inventory of readily available replacement cylinders, allowing you to replace any damaged or old cylinder with remanufactured options for a cost-efficient alternative to rebuilding or purchasing new parts.

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Hydraulic capabilities

  • Custom Hydraulic Service (CHS) inspections – includes a Technical Analysis (TA), fluid analysis, resetting of hydraulic system to factory specs, and performance testing
  • Hydraulic hose fabrication – all makes, all models
  • Full production hone – up to 40” diameter
  • New cylinder fabrication
  • Rod rechroming and valve spools
  • Oversized cylinders – any length or diameter, including metric
  • Hydraulic cylinder exchange program

Machining capabilities

  • Vertical boring up to 60” diameter
  • Horizontal boring mill
  • Metal spray shafts
  • Fabrication or rechrome of pins
  • Re-grooving pulleys
  • Line boring
  • Component salvage
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