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Sunflower 1000 Series

Staggered Overlapping Disc Gangs

With the exception of the 1300 , 1700 and 1800 series, every Sunflower disc features staggered overlapping disc gangs – one of the keys to level discing. The overlapped placement of the front gangs cuts all of the ground cleanly while the staggered rear gangs throw the soil back in a criss-cross pattern. This arrangement eliminates the need for a chisel shank or bulk buster typically required in the center and behind the front gangs of conventional tandems. Even more importantly – the Sunflower combination eliminates ridging in the center – another problem common with conventional tandem discs. Sunflower also makes sure the tires are placed close to the hinge line on the center section and the outside of each wing. This assures the disc will perform properly, without gouging, in rough or terraced ground. Some manufactures save money by simply extending the gang bars on the wings to make the next large size. This leaves the wing wheels too far inside and they cannot control the wings in rough or terraced ground.