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Ziegler CAT

White Planter Wing Fold Planter 9200 Series

Money Does Not Grow On Trees. It Grows Underground.

Simplicity of transport is a key consideration with any planter. The 9200 Series wings fold forward to attain a transport width that is nearly half of its field working width. Wing fold planters not only transport narrow, when folded they feature a low and stable transport height. Tri-fold markers provide a well-defined mark to follow even in heavy residue conditions.

Available in rigid or flex frame models, the 9200 Series is offered in a 12-row 30″ configuration. The ground-driven seed rate transmission provides a wide range of seeding rates and the ISO system monitors seed population.

Row-unit-mounted tillage attachments can be added to prepare a seed zone ahead of the double disc openers. The tillage coulters cut residue and prepare a seed zone to speed soil warm-up and enhance germination rates. Flex shaft seed meter drive with auto row shut-off and pneumatic row unit down pressure are popular options to meet the specifications for progressive farmers.

The 9200 Series is equipped with hydraulic wing fold package as standard equipment. The structural design of the pivot area provides superior strength in the wing pivot joint and linkage to support no-till operation and liquid fertilizer options with frame mounted fertilizer openers.


  • 12-Row, 30" Model
    Transport Width 16 ft 4 in
    Frame Size 7 in x 7 in
    Tires 9.5L-15, 12-Ply
    Marker Arms Trifold