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Cat C280-12 Marine Generator Set

Cat C280-12 Marine Generator Set




  • Generator Set Specifications
    Spec Value
    Minimum Rating 3520 ekW (4400 kVA)
    Maximum Rating 3640 ekW (4550 kVA)
    Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
    Speed 1000 rpm (50 hz) or 900 rpm (60 hz)
    Emissions/Fuel Strategy EPA Tier 2, IMO II
  • Engine Specifications
    Spec Value
    Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled
    Bore 11 in
    Stroke 11.8 in
    Displacement 13546 in³
    Governor Type Electronic
    Fuel System EUI
    Compression Ratio 50 Hz 13.1
    Compression Ratio 60 Hz 13:1
    Engine Model Vee 12, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel
  • Generator Set Dimensions
    Spec Value
    Length 316.5 in
    Width 77.2 in
    Height 155 in
    Weight - Estimated 25000 lb

Standard Equipment

Air Inlet System

  • Aftercooler — fresh water, corrosion resistant coated (air side); air inlet shutoff; breather — crankcase, top-mounted; turbocharger — engine oil lubricated

Control System

  • Single Caterpillar® A3 electronic control unit (ECU) with electronic unit injector fuel system, rigid wiring harness (10 amp, 24 volt power required to drive ECUs)

Cooling System

  • Engine coolant water drains

Exhaust System

  • Dry, gas tight, exhaust manifold

Fuel System

  • Distillate fuel (requires viscosity ranging from 1.4 cSt to 20 cSt at 38° C), fuel transfer pump (mounted on left-hand side), duplex fuel filters, electronically controlled unit injectors

Lube Oil System

  • Centrifugal oil filters with single shutoff, service side engine mounted on cylinder block inspection covers includes installed oil lines and single shutoff valve, filters centrifuge bypass oil from the main lubricating oil pump, can be serviced with the engine running, oil filler and dipstick valve, oil pressure regulating valves, crankcase explosion relief valves


  • Caterpillar yellow paint; gear-driven pumps: fuel, oil, jacket water, aftercooler/oil cooler water; service literature