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Ziegler CAT


LT13B Landscape Tiller

Landscape Tillers break up and mix soil in landscaping applications.



  • Cat® Landscape Tiller at Work
  • Cat® Landscape Tiller Operating Tips
  • Cat® Landscape Tiller Overview
  • An Attachment for Every Job - Cat® Work Tool Attachments



  • General
    Spec Value
    Working Width 53 in
    Working Depth 25-152 mm (1-6 in)
    Weight 926 lb
    Overall Width 71 in
    Height 30 in
    Length 38 in
    Required Hydraulic Flow 42-86 L/min (11-23 gpm)
    Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 145-235 bar (2100-3400 psi)
    Motor Displacement 38 in³
    Drum Speed 127 rpm @ 80 L/min (21 gpm)
    Number of Hard Face Tines 24
    Required Hydraulics Standard Flow