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SG36 Stump Grinder

Designed to remove stumps in residential, commercial and agricultural settings.



  • Cat® Stump Grinder Attachment at Work
  • Cat® Stump Grinder Operating Tips
  • Cat® Stump Grinder Overview
  • An Attachment for Every Job - Cat® Work Tool Attachments

360° View


Model shown represents features on all Cat® Stump Grinders except where indicated.



  • General
    Spec Value
    Required Hydraulics High Flow XPS
    Cutting Wheel Diameter - With Teeth 21.5 in
    Cutting Depth - Below Ground 20.5 in
    Cutting Head Extension 11 in
    Cutting Head Speed at Maximum Flow 1230 rpm
    Cutting Head Swing Range 70 degrees
    Cutting Height - Above Ground 18.5 in
    Cutting Wheel Width - With Teeth 3.3 in
    Cutting Width - Full Swing Range 60 in
    Drive Method Gerotor Motor- Direct
    Drive Shaft Torque at Maximum Pressure 345.9 lb/ft
    Motor Displacement 6.1 in³
    Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 207-310 bar (3000-4500 psi)
    Overall Height 32 in
    Overall Length 68.4 in
    Overall Width 46.3 in
    Optimal Hydraulic Flow 95-125 L/min (25-33 gpm)
    Weight 881.8 lb
    Number of Carbide Teeth per Cutting Wheel 32