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Ziegler CAT

MP324 Demolition Jaw

Cat® Multi-Processors accept multiple interchangeable jaws for a wide range of demolition tasks. Faster cycle times get your jobs done quicker. Greater power means taking on bigger jobs. Quick jaw change gives you the right tool for the task at hand, without slowing you down. All built on a durable, easy to maintain platform.

Brand: Caterpillar



  • Demolition jaws concentrate force to crack the largest concrete. Any strength concrete, with and without rebar is reduced to manageable size.
  • The innnovative SpeedBooster is the heart of the Cat Multi-Processor system. It delivers power when you need it, then speed when you don't. You get power without compromise, and production without equal.
  • Changing jaws is fast: taking a single operator less than twelve minutes. Change from job to job quickly, and get right back to work.
  • You do more than one thing: you need to do it all. The Cat Multi-Processor is your versatile partner. Change from one jaw to another in less than twelve minutes.
  • Productivity means profit, and the Cat Multi-Processor is your key to productive demolition.
  • You need equipment that lasts. The Cat Multi-Processor is build to endure, no matter what you throw at it.
  • The housing is the heart of the Cat Multi-Processor system. No matter what jaw set you're using, the powerful hydraulics, quick rotation and innovative speed booster will produce like no other.


  • Performance
    Cycle Time - Open 1.8 s
    Cycle Time - Close 1.2 s
    Crushing Force - Primary Cutter 423 Sh Ton
    Crushing Force - Cutter Tip 189 Sh Ton
    Crushing Force - Tooth Tip 131 Sh Ton
  • Hydraulic Requirements
    Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 350 bar
    Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 225 gal/min
    Rotation Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 140 bar
    Rotation Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 40 l/min
  • Dimensions - Jaw
    Jaw Depth 30 in
    Cutter Length 8 in
    Jaw Opening - Maximum 36 in
    Jaw Width - Fixed 5 in
    Jaw Width - Moveable 5 in
  • Dimensions - Housing + Jaw
    Length 82 in
    Height 63 in
    Width 31 in
  • Recommended Carrier Weight
    Excavator Minimum 24 tons
    Excavator Maximum 35 tons