CAt trials: pac-man

For nearly 100 years, Cat machines have conquered some pretty intense challenges to build the world around us. The Cat Trials are not those kind of challenges. Recently Cat machines have been known to:

  • Play giant Jenga
  • Maneuver a china shop
  • Build a world record-setting sand castle
  • Battle in a game of tug of war
  • And more!

Watch now as Cat skid steer loaders play Pac-Man. Stay tuned for November 17, when we will have more “behind the scenes” footage of what went into planning and building this Cat Trials video!

Behind the scenes

The build

What does it take to recreate an iconic video gameboard in the dirt? Find out in our behind-the-scenes look at The Cat Trial #9:PAC-MAN™.


Winning PAC-MAN™ means having fun clearing the board. But playing this version took some real skills to navigate the board.

Time Lapse

Watch a time lapse video of a life-sized version of the iconic PAC-MAN™ game board being built out of dirt.