Start Your Career As A Diesel Technician Intern

Through our Student Technician Internship Program we partner with local community colleges and technical schools to pick the best and brightest students and put them on a long-term track to hire. Our internship program gives students hands-on experiences at Ziegler Shops equipped with the latest technology, guided by highly-trained, experienced technicians. After graduation, many of our interns are hired on as full-time service technicians. Being a Cat dealer technician is more than a career choice, it’s a choice career. You can help build civilization, along with a career that can take you anywhere.

Ziegler is family oriented, and they do what they can to give employees as much time with their families as possible. They are a continually growing company that has a good, solid reputation.
Chad H. Service Supervisor

Internship Program

Each year, Ziegler offers scholarships to highly qualified students. All recipients of Ziegler scholarships are offered paid internships.

Our goal is for all of our interns to move into full time Technician roles upon graduation. The offers for Intern Technicians typically occur months before graduation. After 30 days of full time employment with Ziegler, all employees are full benefits eligible, this includes health and dental insurance, 401k, PTO and paid holidays.

Internship benefits:

  • Compensation: Internships are paid. Interns also receive scholarship money if they meet all of the eligibility requirements.
  • Mentors: Each Intern Technician has an experienced Technician in the shop as a mentor. The mentor helps the Intern Technician learn more about The Ziegler Way, meet other people at the company, and guide them through working situations.
  • Flexible working hours: Intern Technicians have different school schedules and each of the shops can adjust based on their needs.
  • Apparel: Uniforms as well as safety PPE, including gloves and safety glasses, are provided to all Intern Technicians.
  • Training: Full access to web-based technical training.
  • Cross Training: Ability to intern in different areas/business units of interest (Agriculture, Construction, Power Systems, etc.)

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