Get the following great deals on Brandt’s fully self-contained belts:

2045, 20″ belt, 45′ long, 12,000 bu/hr capacity, low profile intake, 38hp Kohler engine, with soft start and electric clutch for $39,600

Belts and augers are commonly the least maintained equipment on the farm. Belts can last up to 4 times longer than augers if they are properly maintained. Belt tension is a common issue that can reduce the overall life of your belt. If the belt is under-tensioned, it will decrease capacity, if the belt is over-tensioned, it can create more wear and pull the belt lacing apart.

Brandt’s field belts have an EZTrak tensioning system that allows the operator to quickly check belt tension and alignment. See how easy it is to maintain a Brandt Belt. 


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