Innovation that changes everything

Agriculture technology helps you minimize downtime, maximize yields, reduce costs, and run your operation more efficiently. Precision farming products from CLAAS, AGCO, PrecisionPlanting, Fuse®, Trimble®, Ag Leader®, Raven®, CapstanAg, NORAC, and Reichhardt provide you with industry-leading technology for a variety of applications.

Precision Ag Technical Support, Repairs, and Training

Our in-house Technical Support team of repair specialists, technical communicators, and sales representatives are dedicated to precision agriculture and have the expertise to install, service, and repair your ag technology. We are committed to helping you get the most from your farming technology and are ready to answer any questions or help troubleshoot technical problems, no matter what brand or type of machine you’re running.

  • Tooling, recalibration, and repair of displays and controllers
  • Loaner equipment to keep you running during repairs
  • Customized on-farm training
  • Standard two-year warranty with technology support agreements

For Ag Technology sales, support, repair, and training, call 800.452.8303. Follow prompt 1 for Technology, then prompt 1 again for Ag.


Application Control


With the high cost of inputs these days, you can’t afford to waste any of your investment. An application control system will lower your input costs by eliminating overlap and placing herbicide, nitrogen, and other crop inputs at the precise rate for optimal plant growth.

  • Reduces skips caused by manual controls
  • Minimizes crop damage from over-application
  • Improves environmental stewardship
  • Simplifies government reporting

ch1000 tillage


With high-accuracy, hands-free steering, auto steering technology makes everything you do in your farming operation more efficient, from keeping your wheels between the rows to preventing overlap in planting and spraying, to tiling and scraping. An automated system will maximize the use of your time, enabling you to drive faster, improve precision, and work through the night or in dusty, low-visibility conditions.

  • Tracks pitch, roll, and yaw at all times
  • Position and heading known at all times
  • Rapid line acquisition in forward or reverse
  • Full steering system calibration
  • Comes with a wide range of guidance patterns
Connected Farm Precision


Precision ag data management software can help you manage all aspects of your farm and office. Remote monitoring and data recording allows you to maximize your operation and reduce downtime, while improving the overall health and resale value of your agriculture equipment.

  • Check on the operating status of your farm equipment
  • Measure machine performance and efficiently
  • Have better visibility on future maintenance
MT700 Series


Planter control systems help you avoid double coverage by controlling individual rows or sections. Lower your overall seed costs, ensure proper placement, and take the guesswork out of planting.

  • Prevents yield loss from lodging and nutrient competition in overplanted areas
  • Eliminates the need to slow down to accurately raise or lower the planter at end rows
  • Makes night planting easier
  • Documents refuge acres for GMO crops
  • Records population information, including total seeds planted and average seeds per acre
CLAAS 8000-7000 series combine side view


Yield monitoring technology allows you to create both yield and moisture maps while you harvest, so you can instantly compare field conditions with your yields.

  • On-the-go comparisons
  • Better hybrid and variety selections
  • More storage decisions based on moisture readings in the field
  • In-depth performance analysis
Corn stalks in field


GPS-based field-leveling systems can help you improve drainage and, as a result, your yields, by automatically raising and lowering the scraper blade depending on the tractor’s location. Water management systems can also help you place and dig your tiling trenches for maximum effect.

  • Efficiently distributes water by maintaining grade
  • Automatically slopes fields to exact specifications
  • GPS receivers collect detailed topographical data
  • Calculates best-fit leveling for each section of the field