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Fendt 900 Vario

Introducing the Fendt® 900 Vario Gen 6 tractor. This all-new tractor is packed with innovative features that work together to provide you with the lowest cost per acre and a low total cost of ownership.

The Fendt 900 Vario Gen 6 offers huge power in a compact design. With up to 415 horsepower, it’s made to capably haul a wide variety of implements with optimum versatility. Yet it’s flexible enough to maneuver almost anywhere with minimal soil compaction. This tractor is made for row crop applications — and made to perform more powerfully, efficiently and comfortably in the field, job after job.



  • Compact frame with narrow hood and transaxle design
  • Operating weight from 24,900 to 42,000 lbs.
  • Optimized transmission lead ratio
  • Expanded tire offerings
  • Minimal soil impact with reduced slip
  • Up to 8% lower diesel consumption with VarioGrip


  • Series Overview
    Spec Value
    Engine MAN 9L, 6-cyl.
    HP 296-415
    Max Torque 1,143 ft-lbs. to 1,453 ft.-lbs.
  • 930
    Spec Value
    Engine MAN 9L, 6-cyl.
    HP 296
    Max Torque 1,143 ft.-lbs.
  • 933
    Spec Value
    Engine MAN 9L, 6-cyl.
    HP 326
    Max Torque 1,217 ft.-lbs.
  • 936
    Spec Value
    Engine MAN 9L, 6-cyl.
    HP 355
    Max Torque 1,298 ft.-lbs.
  • 939
    Spec Value
    Engine MAN 9L, 6-cyl.
    HP 385
    Max Torque 1,364 ft.-lbs.
  • 942
    Spec Value
    Engine MAN 9L, 6-cyl.
    HP 415
    Max Torque 1,453 ft.-lbs.