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Ziegler CAT

White Planter Rigid Frame Planter 9100 Series

Money Does Not Grow On Trees. It Grows On Stems.

Many operators are looking for a cost-effective planter that can capably handle the wide variety of planting conditions encountered on their operation. The model 9100 planter is engineered to accept a full complement of liquid or dry fertilizer attachments as well as row-unit-mounted or frame mounted tillage attachments that make it the ideal match for conventional, reduced tillage, and no-till planting applications.

The 6-row or 8-row 9100 Series main frame is designed to handle the stress of heavy residue and uneven seedbed conditions. And, with the crop versatility of the White Planters seed metering system, you can quickly change from corn to soybeans by simply changing the seed disc.


  • 6-Row, 30" Model
    Transport Width 16 ft 1 in
    Frame Size 7 in x 7 in
    Tires 9.5L-15, 6-Ply
    Marker Arms Vertical Rigid
  • 8-Row, 30" Model
    Transport Width 20 ft 1 in
    Frame Size 7 in x 7 in
    Tires 9.5L-15, 6-Ply
    Marker Arms Vertical Bifold (Std) / Flat Fold Breakaway (Optl)