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Ziegler CAT

Massey Ferguson WR9800 Series

The most advanced SP windrower ever.

WR9800 Series SP Windrowers lead the industry in precision steering, advanced conditioning for faster-drying hay, and maximum daily productivity.

Massey Ferguson-branded products are sold in our Wisconsin, Missouri, and Willmar, Minnesota, locations.


  • WR9870
    Rated hp 225
    Boosted hp 240
    Engine 6.6L AGCO POWER
    Headers All
    Weight (approximate) w/out header lb. 11,420
  • WR9860
    Rated hp 197
    Boosted hp 208
    Engine 4.9L AGCO POWER with QuadBoost™ Technology
    Headers All
    Weight (approximate) w/out header lb. 11,305
  • WR9840
    Rated hp 137
    Boosted hp 148
    Engine 4.4L AGCO POWER
    Headers Draper, Auger
    Weight (approximate) w/out header lb. 11,250