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Ziegler CAT

307E2 Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The Cat® 307E2 Mini Hydraulic Excavator delivers high performance, durability and versatility in a standard tail swing design to help you work in a variety of applications.

Brand: Caterpillar



  • Engine
    Engine Model Cat® C2.4 Turbo
    Net Power 50.6 HP
    Displacement 146.5 in³
    Stroke 4 in
    Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249/EEC 80/1269 50.6 HP
    Note Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage IIIB emission standards.
    Gross Power - ISO 14396 53.1 HP
    Bore 3.4 in
  • Weights
    Operating Weight 16028 lb
    Operating Weight - With Cab 16028 lb
    Note (2) Weight varies depending on machine configuration.
    Note (1) Weight with steel tracks with rubber pads, bucket, operator (75 kg/165 lb), full fuel and auxiliary lines.
  • Travel System
    Ground Pressure 4.92 psi
    Maximum Traction Force - Low Speed 13331 lbf
    Travel Speed - Low 1.99 mile/h
    Maximum Traction Force - High Speed 7599 lbf
    Gradeability - Maximum 20°
    Travel Speed - High 3.17 mile/h
    Note (2) Drive modules are integrated into the roller frame for total protection.
    Note (1) Each track is driven by one independent 2-speed motor.
    Note (3) Straight line travel when tracking and operating the front linkage simultaneously.
  • Hydraulic System
    Operating Pressure - Swing 4061 psi
    Operating Pressure - Travel 4061 psi
    Digging Force - Stick - Standard 8340 lbf
    Operating Pressure - Equipment 4061 psi
    Note Load sensing hydraulics with variable displacement piston pump.
    Pump Flow at 2,400 rpm 40.9 gal/min
    Digging Force - Bucket 11375 lbf
    Auxiliary Circuit - Primary (280 bar/4,061 psi) 33.8 gal/min
    Auxiliary Circuit - Secondary (280 bar/4,061 psi) 8.7 gal/min
  • Swing System
    Machine Swing Speed 10.2 r/min
    Note Automatic swing break, spring applied, hydraulic release.
  • Blade
    Width 90.6 in
    Height 17.5 in
    Dig Depth 15.3 in
    Lift Height 13.8 in
  • Service Refill Capacities
    Cooling System 3.7 gal (US)
    Engine Oil 2.9 gal (US)
    Hydraulic Tank 13.5 gal (US)
    Fuel Tank 35.7 gal (US)
    Hydraulic System 20.6 gal (US)
  • Operating Specifications
    Machine Overhang 1.2 ft
    Stick Length - Standard 5.5 ft
  • Cab
    Average Exterior Sound Pressure 98 dB(A) ISO 6395 – Dynamic Test
  • Dimensions - Standard Stick
    Maximum Reach 20.7 ft
    Maximum Reach - Ground Level 20.2 ft
    O/A Undercarriage Length 9 ft
    O/A Shipping Length 19.9 ft
    Maximum Blade Depth 1.1 ft
    Maximum Dig Height 23.8 ft
    Boom In Reach 5.5 ft
    Maximum Blade Height 1.3 ft
    Swing Bearing - Height 2.5 ft
    Tail Swing - Standard Counterweight 5.7 ft
    O/A Shipping Height 8.6 ft
    Boom Height - Shipping Position 8.6 ft
    Dig Depth 13.4 ft
    Track Belt/Shoe Width 1.5 ft
    O/A Track Width 7.2 ft
    Vertical Wall 11.9 ft
    Maximum Dump Clearance 17 ft
  • Undercarriage
    Number of Track Rollers 5 per side
    Number of Carrier Rollers 1 per side
    Track Roller Type Center flange