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Ziegler CAT


Caterpillar electric power stands for reliable energy supply. Especially during the energy system transformation, Cat generator sets close the energy gap caused by renewable energy source such as wind and photo voltaic. Short ramp up time, low operating costs and rapid maintenance times ensures a high availability according to the need of our customers. Combined heat /cool and power solutions allow our customers to maximize the efficiency and earnings paired with low emissions. Wherever power is needed around the globe, Caterpillar is able to support you with the best products and services to maximize your profit.

Brand: Caterpillar



  • Generator Set Specification
    Maximum Continuous Rating 10320 / 9830 ekW @ 1.0pf
  • Generator Set Specifications
    Fuel Type Natural Gas
    Maximum Electrical Efficiency 47.90%
    Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    RPM 750/720
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Engine Specifications
    Engine Model G20CM34
    Displacement 46484.2 in³
    Aspiration TA
    Bore 13.38 in
    Stroke 16.53 in
  • Generator Set Dimensions
    Length 562.2 in
    Width 153.9 in
    Height 212.2 in
    Dry Weight - Genset 164000 kg