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Ziegler CAT

CM25E Generator Set

Producing reliable power from 1940 to 2910 kWe, each generator set has been designed to meet World bank (WB) emission certification stage 2. The CM25E 50 and 60 Hz, 6, 8 or 9 cylinder, turbocharged-aftercooled generator set, is designed for Ultrafast start time and load acceptance, low fuel and oil consumption requiring low maintenance.

Brand: Caterpillar



  • Generator Set Specifications
    Minimum Rating 1940 kWe
    Maximum Rating 2910 kWe
    Emissions/Fuel Strategy (WB) Cert stage 1 and 2
    Voltage 3000 to 13800 Volts
    Frequency At Speed 50 Hz @ 750 / 60 Hz @ 720
    Duty Cycle Prime, Continuous
    Ready To Accept Loads (Preheated/Vented) 40 s
    Normal Ramp Up To 100% Load 85 s
    Emergency Ramp Up 10% To 100% Load 30 s
    Genset Efficiency Up To 43.50%
  • Engine Specifications
    Engine Model CM25, 4-stroke-engine
    Bore 10.04 in
    Stroke 15.75 in
    Aspiration Turbocharged-aftercooled
    Engine Rating Range 2010 - 3015 kW
    Configuration 6,8,9 cylinder
    Fuel Type Diesel oil / heavy fuel oil (HFO) / crude oil
    Swept Volume 1247 in³
    Mean Effective Pressure Up To 396 psi
  • Generator Set Dimensions
    Length - Minimum 304 in
    Length - Maximum 343 in
    Width - Minimum 93 in
    Width - Maximum 93 in
    Height - Minimum 152 in
    Height - Maximum 160 in
    Dry Weight - Genset (minimum) 94799 lb
    Dry Weight - Genset (maximum) 123459 lb