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Ziegler CAT

MX350 Controller

The MX350 controller is specifically designed for low voltage Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) applications. The flexible control and communications options are ideal for any application. Integrated push buttons, graphical controls and LED indicators reduce external components and wiring in addition to providing local control and access to system information. Multiple communication protocols allow simple integration into monitoring and control systems.



  • Controller Specifications
    Voltage Unbalance on Dropout for Source 1 and Source 2 5 to 20% of nominal
    Delay NeutralTransition Time Delays (DT,DW) 0-10 minutes
    Control Power 120 VAC
    Undervoltage Dropout for Source 1 and Source 2 75-99% of nominal
    Undervoltage Restore for Source 1 and Source 2 85-100% of nominal
    Overfrequency Dropout for Source 1 and Source 2 50.1 - 63 Hz
    Source Sensing 120 - 690 VAC +/- 1% of nominal voltage (+/- .05 Hz, +/-.5 A)
    Delay for Engine Cool Down (U) 0-60 minutes
    Underfrequency Restore for Source 1 and Source 2 45 - 59.5 Hz
    Load Control Relay Contacts (2) 0-259 minutes
    Overvoltage Dropout for Source 1 and Source 2 105 - 110% of nominal
    Voltage Unbalance for Restore for Source 1 and Source 2 4 to 19% of nominal
    Storage Temperature (-40˚C - 90˚C )
    Underfrequency Dropout for Source 1 and Source 2 45 - 59.9 Hz
    Overfrequency Restore for Source 1 and Source 2 50 - 62.9 Hz
    Delay Transfer to Nonpreferred Source (W) 0-5 minutes
    Operating Temperature Ambient (-20˚C to 50˚C)
    Communications Interface - Optional Serial RS-485 upt to 115.2 Kbps or TCP/IP (10/100 base-T)
    Overvoltage Restore for Source 1 and Source 2 103 - 108% of nominal
    Load Control Relay Contacts (1) rated for 10A @ 24VDC or 120VAC
  • Technical Summary
    Rating Range Switch Dependent
    Transfer Type Application Dependent
    Switch Type Application Dependent