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Ziegler CAT

416F2 Backhoe Loader

Experience the new Cat 416F2 Backhoe Loader with features including spacious operator station, optional pilot controls, superior durability and outstanding performance. Safely operate on the job site with quieter hydraulics, increased visibility, and the ability to have four wheel braking engaged without wearing on tires or drive train.

Brand: Caterpillar




  • Engine
    Net Power - SAE J1349 87 HP
    Bore 4.13 in
    Stroke 5 in
    Displacement 268 in³
    Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - SAE J1349 87 HP
    Net Peak Power - 1,800 rpm - EEC 80/1269 107 HP
    Net Torque Rise - 1,400 rpm - SAE J1349 56%
    Net Peak Power - 1,800 rpm - ISO 9249 107 HP
    Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - ISO 9249 88 HP
    Gross Power - ISO 14396 94 HP
    Net Peak Power - 1,800 rpm - SAE J1349 106 HP
    Gross Power - SAE J1995 95 HP
    Engine Model Cat® C4.4 ACERT™
    Rated Net Power - 2,200 rpm - EEC 80/1269 88 HP
    Note Engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.
    Net Peak Torque - 1,400 rpm 323 ft-lb
    Rated Net Power - SAE J1349 87 HP
    Rated Net Power - ISO 9249 88 HP
  • Weights
    Operating Weight - Maximum 24251 lb
    Cab - ROPS/FOPS 359 lb
    Four Wheel Drive 392 lb
    Counterweights - Option 1 255 lb
    Air Conditioning 101 lb
    Operating Weight - Maximum - ROPS Capacity 24251 lb
    MP Bucket (0.96 m3/1.25 yd3) - No Forks or Teeth 1642 lb
    Extendible Stick 659 lb
    Counterweights - Option 2 530 lb
    Counterweights - Option 3 1015 lb
  • Backhoe
    Dig Depth - Standard 14.3 ft
    Dig Depth - E-Stick Extended 17.9 ft
  • Hydraulic System
    Pump Type Variable Flow, Axial Piston
    System Pressure - Loader 3336 psi
    Pump Capacity at 2,200 rpm 35 gal/min
    System Pressure - Backhoe 3336 psi
    Type Closed Center
  • Transmission
    Power Shuttle Transmission - Reverse 4th 23 mile/h
    Power Shuttle Transmission - Forward 3rd 12 mile/h
    Power Shuttle Transmission - Reverse 3rd 12 mile/h
    Power Shuttle Transmission - Forward 1st 3.4 mile/h
    Power Shuttle Transmission - Reverse 2nd 5.5 mile/h
    Power Shuttle Transmission - Reverse 1st 3.4 mile/h
    Power Shuttle Transmission - Forward 2nd 5.5 mile/h
    Power Shuttle Transmission - Forward 4th 23 mile/h
  • Service Refill Capacities
    Fuel Tank 42 gal (US)
    Rear Axle 4.4 gal (US)
    Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)* 5 gal (US)
    Rear Axle - Planetaries 0.4 gal (US)
    Cooling System with Air Conditioning 5.8 gal (US)
    Transmission - Power Shuttle - 2WD 4 gal (US)
    Front Axle (4WD) - Planetaries 0.2 gal (US)
    Engine Oil - With Filter 2.3 gal (US)
    Hydraulic System 23.8 gal (US)
    Front Axle (4WD) 2.9 gal (US)
    Transmission - Power Shuttle - 4WD 4 gal (US)
    Hydraulic Tank 10.6 gal (US)
    Note (1) Requires ultra-low sulfur fuel less than or equal to 15 ppm fuel sulfur.
    Note (2) * Must meet the requirements outlined in ISO 22241.
  • Axle Ratings
    Rear Axle - Dynamic 20233 lb
    Front Axle (2WD) - Static 50582 lb
    Front Axle (2WD) - Dynamic 20233 lb
    Rear Axle - Static 50582 lb
    Front Axle (4WD) - Static 50582 lb
    Front Axle (4WD) - Dynamic 20233 lb
  • Standards
    Cab - ROPS SAE J1040 MAY94; ISO 3741 1994
    Cab - FOPS SAE J/ISO 3449 APR98 LEVEL II and ISO 3449: 1992 LEVEL II
    Cab - Sound ANSI/SAE J1166 OCT98 is 79 dB(A)
    Brakes SAE J/ISO 3450; ISO 3450 1996
    Exterior Sound SAE J188 JUN86 is 76 dB(A)
  • Brakes
    Feature (5) Parking brake is mechanically applied through an adjustable hand lever located on the right console.
    Feature (2) Self-adjusting, completely enclosed and sealed.
    Feature (3) Foot operated brake pedals can be interlocked for roading.
    Feature (1) Brakes meet the following standards: SAE J1473 and ISO 3450 requirements.
    Feature (4) Parking/secondary brakes are independent of the service brake system.
  • Engine Features
    Feature (8) Cylinder head is high strength, cast iron alloy construction with extra duty wall and deck thickness.
    Feature (5) For durability, inlet valves are nitrided, martensitic chrome silicon steel.
    Feature (1) Regeneration is passive and does not require any input from the operator or disrupt work.
    Feature (12) Direct electric, 12-volt starting and charging system with 880 CCA Group 31 maintenance free battery.
    Feature (14) High contact ratio/gear train, peripheral fixed isolation top cover and open deck block design reduce bare engine noise.
    Feature (11) Dry-type axial seal air cleaner with integral precleaner, automatic dust ejection system, and filter condition indicator.
    Feature (10) Direct injection fuel system provides accurate fuel delivery and efficiency.
    Feature (15) Higher low end torque for better engine/machine performance.
    Feature (7) Cylinder block is high strength, cast iron alloy of deep skirt, monobloc design for increased strength and long life.
    Feature (3) Forged chrome/molybdenum-steel crankshaft with salt bath nitrocarburized pins and journals.
    Feature (9) Cylinder head's intake and exhaust ports are precision cast to promote optimum gas flow.
    Feature (6) For durability, exhaust valves are nitrided, austenitic chrome manganese-nickel steel.
    Feature (16) Engine is equipped with electric fuel priming pump.
    Feature (4) Front and rear crankshaft oil seals are “lip” type Viton and PTFE designs featuring an integral dust lip.
    Feature (2) Three-ring pistons made of lightweight, silicon/aluminum alloy for strength and maximum thermal conductivity.
    Feature (13) Standard glow plug starting aid system for efficient cold weather starting.
  • Steering
    Stroke 4.7 in
    Rod Diameter 1.4 in
    Turning Circle - 2WD/AWD (inner wheel not braked) - Outside Front Wheels 26.8 ft
    Axle Oscillation 11°
    Bore 2.6 in
    Type Front Wheel
    Turning Circle - 2WD/AWD (inner wheel not braked) - Outside Widest Loader Bucket 36 ft
    Power Steering Hydrostatic
  • Tires
    Choice 2 Front: 12.5/80-18 (12 ply) 1-3; Rear: 19.5L-24 (12 ply) ATU
    Choice 3 Front: 12.5/80-18 NHS (12 ply) 1-3; Rear: 21L-24 (16 ply) R4 ATU
    Choice 4 Front: 340/80R18; Rear: 19.5L-24 (12 ply) R4 ATU
    Choice 1 Front: 11L-16 (12 ply) F-3; Rear: 19.5L-24 (12 ply) R4 ATU