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Ziegler CAT

AP555F Mobil-Trac Paver

The AP555F is a mid-sized, rubber track paver that excels on highways, streets and other urban work sites. It’s high travel speed, excellent flotation, and superior traction deliver superb mobility.

Brand: Caterpillar



  • F-Series Paver Overview
  • Paving by the Numbers
  • Cat Grade Control Setup

360° View


360° Exterior view. Double click on the image to zoom in on any area of the product.


360° interior view. Double click on the image to zoom in on any area of the product.


  • Operating Specifications
    Standard Paving Range - SE50 V, SE50 VT 2.55 - 5.0 m (8' 4" - 16' 4")
    Maximum Paving Speed - With Tamper Bar Screed 82 ft/min
    Maximum Travel Speed 7 mile/h
    Inside Turn Radius 1.5 ft
    Maximum Paving Speed - With Vibratory Screed 210 ft/min
    Maximum Throughput Capacity 1288 tonnes/hr
    Hopper Capacity 219 ft³
    Maximum Paving Width - SE50 VT 24.7 ft
    Maximum Paving Width - SE50 V 21.3 ft
  • Engine
    Gross Power 142 HP
    Engine Model Cat C4.4 with ACERT
  • Service Refill Capacities
    Fuel Tank Capacity 47 gal (US)
    DEF Tank 5 gal (US)
  • Weights
    Operating Weight - Paver Only 30430 lb
    Shipping Weight - Paver Only 30009 lb
    Operating Weight - SE50 V Screed only 7239 lb
    Operating Weight - SE50 VT Screed only 7695 lb