Trainee Program Overview

The Trainee Program has been a critical role in the company’s growth strategy for over 30 years. Past Trainees have moved into different divisions within the company and serve in a variety of positions, including senior leadership. Over the course of approximately six months, the Trainee obtains hands-on experience, works on a variety of projects, and travels to different locations to learn both business and technical understanding of how we operate, create relationships among many key positions across the company, and come away with preparedness to move into your first role within the company.

What we are looking for:

  • Highly motivated; self-starter
  • Strong interest in heavy equipment and the industries we serve
  • Quick learner with genuine curiosity to learn more and ask questions
  • Willingness to possibly relocate to one of our locations upon completion of the program

Ziegler Invests in you They give you the opportunity to learn all aspects of the company by meeting and working with experienced professionals at all levels throughout each business unit. This opportunity sets you up for success and I’m glad I was a part of the program.

– Cory Dalbec

Benefits of Being a Trainee

As a Trainee, you will have the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals at all levels across the organization. Your relationships and the knowledge you gain by observing and working alongside our experienced staff will give you unique first-hand knowledge that you can apply in your career. There are few positions that exist where you are able to spend months simply learning, listening, and connecting, and this role requires that you do all of those things will in order to succeed.

While the Trainee Program only exists for the six months or so that you are part of it, we have a track record of Trainees creating successful careers in areas such as sales and in leadership functions.

The Trainee Program is a full-time position, and throughout the program you receive ongoing coaching and have the opportunity to explore different areas of the business. Placement is determine by a combination of factors including your interests, your knowledge and skills, current business needs, and input from leaders in the areas you explore during the program.

Ziegler Trainee Program