Solar Power and Microgrid Solutions

Ziegler Power Systems offers a variety of renewable energy and microgrid solutions, including photovoltaic (PV) solar panels, energy storage, and microgrid controllers.

Microgrids integrate renewable energy, such as solar power, with conventional diesel and gas power generation. These blended power solutions help deliver reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy for customers and the communities they serve.

Solar Panels

Ziegler offers Cat®-branded thin-film solar modules that provide reliable energy in all climates and applications. Panels are tested to pass accelerated life and stress tests beyond industry standards. Our Cat-branded solar panels come with warranty protection and 25-year power assurance.

Energy Storage

Our robust, scalable energy storage platform includes advanced lithium-ion batteries, ultra-capacitors, and a Cat Bi-directional Power Inverter (BDP). Our systems are ideal for renewable smoothing, grid firming/grid stabilization, and facility backup.

Microgrid Controllers

The Microgrid Master Controller (MMC) manages all elements within the Cat Microgrid system, providing a consistent supply of high-quality energy at the lowest cost possible.

Solar Power and Microgrid Solutions

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